How Stagnant Water Contributes to the Mosquito Life Cycle

Due to summer’s blazing sun and hot temperatures, we’re in mosquito season. Year after year, these pesky little buggers swoop into backyards and homes, distracting from summer fun and spreading itchiness galore. How can you  prevent their imminent arrival? One way is to eliminate standing water on your property. It’s difficult when it seems like they appear out of thin air. Well, not thin air, exactly. Stagnant water around your home is likely the source of mosquito pressure.

Water’s Effect on the Mosquito Life Cycle

Out of the four stages in a mosquito’s life cycle, three are spent in water. Water provides a safety net for mosquitoes to move into developmental periods and grow. In the egg stage, the female lays roughly 300 eggs that float atop the water’s surface. This is why it is so important to eliminate any standing water around your property. Next, they enter the larval stage, in which larvae feed on microorganisms in the water, only breaking the surface to breathe through a siphon tube. After molting several times, they transform into pupae. From there, the adult mosquito forms inside of the pupa, and when it is ready, emerges from the pupa fully grown. Lastly, the adult mosquito gathers strength to fly and feed, and begins its new life.

Where Can I Find Stagnant Water?

Stagnant water can be found in nearly anything that collects water outside, such as birdbaths, pool covers, gutters, buckets, flowerpots, storm drains, sewage basins, discarded tires, ponds, kids toys and much more. More likely than not, you are housing the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes right in your own backyard. Even the smallest pool of water, such as the amount contained in a bottle cap, if left standing for some time, can turn into a one-stop birthing frenzy for mosquitoes. Therefore, it’s very important to check your property as often as possible for standing water. You should be especially vigilant after it rains, when mosquito populations can rapidly increase.

Tips to avoid this?

  • Be super aware of your surroundings at home.
  • Change the water in plant tubs, birdbaths and fountains daily.
  • Clear clogged gutters and drains.
  • Dispose of old containers that may amass water.
  • Be sure to flip over any kiddie pools and toys that can collect water.
  • Trim tall grasses and weeds, and if possible, utilize landscaping to remove future stagnant water.

Keep an eye on these sneaky water baring spots in order to keep mosquitoes at bay. Even the smallest container and be home to hundreds of mosquitoes. Mosquito eggs can hatch in as little as one inch of standing water so you just might be aiding and abetting these pests.


Mosquito Joe of Robbinsville-Jackson is always here to help ensure your backyard is mosquito, tick and flea-free. Our technicians will inspect your property and tip and toss any standing water to eliminate potential mosquito breeding areas. Our barrier treatments add an extra layer of defense to your property against mosquitoes. Just give us a call at (732) 228-8092 or send us an email to With Mosquito Joe of Robbinsville-Jackson, outside is fun again.



Time is ticking!

Time is ticking – take action with Mosquito Joe!

Spring means snow and ice from winter are melting away, flowers are blooming and temperatures are starting to rise. The increasingly warm weather motivates us all to get outside and become more active. But while we’re enjoying the warm weather, so are ticks. Don’t worry! Our team at Mosquito Joe of Robbinsville-Jackson has prepared some tick tips so you can be informed about these pesky pests.

Tick season? Already?

When temperatures rise and consistently stay at 45 degrees, ticks reemerge for the season. Some scientists believe that due to a wet winter, the tick population in the northeast could be larger in 2019 than last year. Additionally, a warmer than normal winter positions ticks to emerge sooner than usual. Adult ticks are most active from March to mid-May and again from mid-August to November.

What’s the big deal?

Ticks are more than just nuisances who can latch on to you, your kids and pets and cause uncomfortable bites; they are real health concerns that can transmit vector-borne illnesses. Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever are two common illnesses that can be contracted by ticks.

What can you do?

There are several steps homeowners can take to ensure their property isn’t a breeding ground for ticks. Make sure your grass is trimmed and that bushes and hedges are manicured and well-kept. If you live in a particularly wooded region, create a wood chip and rock barrier at the edge of your yard and forested area. Remove any leaf litter or debris from your yard as ticks like to live in shaded areas. Additionally, discourage kids or pets from playing in brushy, wooded areas as they could pick up ticks and carry them home.

How can Mosquito Joe of Robbinsville-Jackson help?

Mosquito Joe barrier treatment services create an added layer of defense to your property. Expertly trained and licensed technicians apply product to foliage and brush areas of your home to eliminate ticks on contact and keep them from returning for up to three weeks. We carefully assess your property and apply a custom treatment specific to your yard. In addition to ticks, Mosquito Joe services are effective at ridding your property of mosquitoes and fleas. Our MoJo Satisfaction Guarantee ensures you’re happy with our services and your bite-free yard. Even better? We don’t lock you into a contract!

Get ahead of your tick problem by pre-paying this year. Until the end of April, save 10% when you sign up for the 2019 season. That’s a whole lot of money in your pocket and way less bites. Check this item off your to-do list so you can spend your time enjoying your yard, not worrying about ticks.

Already a customer and love your itch-free yard? Tell your friends about Mosquito Joe and you both receive $25 off your next treatment. Our Share the MoJo referral program saves you, and your friends, some extra dough. You could earn up to $500 in account credits per year!

Interested in learning more? Call Mosquito Joe of Robbinsville-Jackson today at 732-228-8092  for a free quote. Visit us on Facebook!


How To Save Money On Your Winter Bills

Winter can bring on a lot of pleasant  things like the holidays, warm comfort food , peaceful snowfalls, a good book by the fire, or maybe even a winter wonderland vacation. But winter can also mean a dreaded increase when it comes to your heat and electric bills. Since we tend to be inside our homes more in the winter, we are using more heat and electricity in our homes. It may not be top of mind, but here are a few simple ideas that can help you control your bills this winter.

Check out our list of winter home care tips to help you keep the warm air in and the cool air out:

  1. Close your chimney flue when not is use: although this may seem obvious, many will forget this simple step! Leaving the flue open when not in use is like leaving your windows open—you will allow warm air out and cold air in.
  2. Check your dryer vent: make sure you have a good, secure vent to your dryer. If it’s loose or doesn’t close properly, it can be another place that allows cold air to seep into your home.
  3. Use fans all year round: if you set your fan on low it will help circulate air upward, which will force warm air down, making your house feel warmer.
  4. Clear clutter from your radiators: make sure you don’t have any large pieces of furniture in front of your radiators as that can block the flow of heat circulating throughout the room.
  5. Consider weather stripping: if you feel drafts by doors or windows, consider investing in weather stripping, which can be found at your local hardware store. It can easily be installed around the windows or doors to keep the drafts out and the warmth in!
  6. Let the sunshine in: if you have windows in your home that face the sunlight, during the day, open the curtains and blinds to allow the sunshine to warm your home. Even if you only feel comfortable doing this at times you are more likely to be home, it can save some cash in the long run.
  7. Treat your windows: if you have single pane windows, consider using a plastic window treatment to keep the cold out and save on your heating costs.
  8. Use a lower thermostat setting: keeping the house cooler at night, when you are fast asleep snuggled up under warm blankets and sheets, can save in the long run if you are consistent at turning it down all season long. If you have the opportunity, upgrade to a programmable thermostat that can help regulate temperatures to save both time and money.

Some of these examples are easier than others, so consider doing what is right for your home and your budget. Once completed, you’ll feel good about saving money and reducing your energy usage which is a win for the environment as well!

And before you know it, the temperatures will be heating back up and it’ll be time to go back outside. Remember that Mosquito Joe of Robbinsville is always in your corner as we work to make outside fun again by eliminating mosquitoes, fleas and ticks with our professional repellent sprays for front and backyard. In fact, you don’t have to wait until it’s warm out to chat with us about how our services can benefit your home or business, so give us a call soon 732 228-8092!


Why it’s so important to winterize your yard?

If you haven’t already started to winterize your yard, now is the time! Since mosquitoes can continue to make your yard their home until temperatures are consistently below 50 degrees, they may still be doing so if you aren’t doing everything you can to prevent them from finding a welcoming spot to stay and lay eggs. Haven’t even thought about winterizing your yard yet? Have no fear, your friends at Mosquito Joe of Robbinsville-Jackson are here! We pulled together this list to help you out. Make sure you have everything checked off to ensure your yard is well winterized:

1. Put Away Outdoor Furniture

Probably the most obvious to do, but one of the most important too. Leaving outdoor furniture out through the winter can mean a breeding ground for mosquitoes come the spring. Just think of everything that can collect on it, get turned over, and collect water which, we know mosquitoes love to lay eggs in. Plus, putting away your outdoor furniture for the winter will ensure that it’s well-kept to enjoy next season. And, dusting it off is much an easier spring-time prep than hosing it down and cleaning off the grime from the fall and winter. If you don’t have a place to store your furniture, be sure any tarp or protective covering fits securely and snuggly around so that there’s no opportunity for water to collect-which will attract mosquitoes as soon as the temperatures reach 50 degrees again.

2. Equipment and Tools

Cover up the barbeque with a snug tarp or cover, store the hose in the garage or shed, put flower pots and other empty planters away to ensure they won’t be collecting water once the water melts.

3. Kids Toys

Don’t forget about the kid’s outdoor toys and furniture too—they should be stored in a garage or shed or under a tight tarp if possible. A shovel or dump truck toy can collect plenty of water to be a breeding ground for mosquitoes as soon as the weather allows.

4. Landscape

It’s so important to maintain your lawn and landscaping to ensure it’s not welcoming to mosquitoes. Be sure you do a final cut of your lawn so it’s not too tall and overgrown come spring. Take care of your flowerbeds—turn the mulch and make sure it isn’t too thick as that’s another common trap for standing water, which attracts mosquitoes

5. Gutters

Dirty gutters can result in leaves, sticks and debris collecting stagnant water in your gutters, and stagnant water can result in a breeding ground for mosquitoes. There are many benefits to the rest of your home by keeping your gutters clean too—like preventing leaks and water damage.

6. Final Barrier Spray

The most important thing to do to winterize your yard to prevent mosquitoes in the spring, in our humble opinion, is to schedule a final mosquito barrier spray once temperatures are consistently below 50-degrees. Contact us at  if you have any questions!

There are other obvious things to do to winterize your yard, including pool and in-ground sprinkler maintenance if you have them. Every home and yard is different, but we all want the same thing — an itch-free yard to enjoy in the spring!


Why Mosquito Bites Itch and How You Can Prevent Them

Through the long, cold, winter months we constantly count down the days until we get to see summer again. Now that summer is finally here, we can enjoy the beautiful evenings outside. The only thing that can come close to ruining your long-awaited plans is having a mosquito use you as their dinner. Not only are the red bumps unsightly, but boy do they itch! And of course, the more you scratch, the itchier they become. But why is that the case? What makes mosquito bites so itchy?

Not all mosquitoes are to blame. The female mosquito is actually responsible for these itchy bites. And believe it or not she doesn’t bite, but instead pokes her proboscis through your skin to feed on your blood. Pretty gross right? When your body detects the mosquito in its system, it sends histamines to fight off the intruder. This will lead to your skin becoming red, swollen, and itchy. Your body is also reacting to the mosquito’s saliva, which different people react to in different ways.

So, how do you get rid of that annoying itch once you get bit? Some natural remedies include applying rubbing alcohol, ice, aloe vera, witch hazel, or vinegar directly to the bite itself. Other remedies include oral antihistamines such as Benadryl or Claritin, or even applying Calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream to the bit.

Luckily, there are a few ways for you to avoid mosquitoes in the first place.

  1. Make sure to remove any standing water throughout your yard to get rid of possible mosquito breeding grounds. This includes looking for water in your gutters, kid’s toys, or bird baths.
  2. If you have tarps covering anything in your yard like a grill for example, make sure it is tied tightly. This way you can’t trap any pockets of water in the folds.
  3. You could also add some plants to your garden that deter mosquitoes like citronella, basil, or lavender.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you prep your yard for mosquitoes, sometimes it just isn’t enough. That’s where the professionals at Mosquito Joe of Robbinsville-Jackson come in and help. Call one of our professionals to talk about our mosquito, tick, and flea treatments today. With our spray, you won’t have to worry about those pesky bites again!

Browse our website, message us on Facebook or give us a call at 732-228-8092. We’re here to make outside fun again!