How To Save Money On Your Winter Bills

Winter can bring on a lot of pleasant  things like the holidays, warm comfort food , peaceful snowfalls, a good book by the fire, or maybe even a winter wonderland vacation. But winter can also mean a dreaded increase when it comes to your heat and electric bills. Since we tend to be inside our homes more in the winter, we are using more heat and electricity in our homes. It may not be top of mind, but here are a few simple ideas that can help you control your bills this winter.

Check out our list of winter home care tips to help you keep the warm air in and the cool air out:

  1. Close your chimney flue when not is use: although this may seem obvious, many will forget this simple step! Leaving the flue open when not in use is like leaving your windows open—you will allow warm air out and cold air in.
  2. Check your dryer vent: make sure you have a good, secure vent to your dryer. If it’s loose or doesn’t close properly, it can be another place that allows cold air to seep into your home.
  3. Use fans all year round: if you set your fan on low it will help circulate air upward, which will force warm air down, making your house feel warmer.
  4. Clear clutter from your radiators: make sure you don’t have any large pieces of furniture in front of your radiators as that can block the flow of heat circulating throughout the room.
  5. Consider weather stripping: if you feel drafts by doors or windows, consider investing in weather stripping, which can be found at your local hardware store. It can easily be installed around the windows or doors to keep the drafts out and the warmth in!
  6. Let the sunshine in: if you have windows in your home that face the sunlight, during the day, open the curtains and blinds to allow the sunshine to warm your home. Even if you only feel comfortable doing this at times you are more likely to be home, it can save some cash in the long run.
  7. Treat your windows: if you have single pane windows, consider using a plastic window treatment to keep the cold out and save on your heating costs.
  8. Use a lower thermostat setting: keeping the house cooler at night, when you are fast asleep snuggled up under warm blankets and sheets, can save in the long run if you are consistent at turning it down all season long. If you have the opportunity, upgrade to a programmable thermostat that can help regulate temperatures to save both time and money.

Some of these examples are easier than others, so consider doing what is right for your home and your budget. Once completed, you’ll feel good about saving money and reducing your energy usage which is a win for the environment as well!

And before you know it, the temperatures will be heating back up and it’ll be time to go back outside. Remember that Mosquito Joe of Robbinsville is always in your corner as we work to make outside fun again by eliminating mosquitoes, fleas and ticks with our professional repellent sprays for front and backyard. In fact, you don’t have to wait until it’s warm out to chat with us about how our services can benefit your home or business, so give us a call soon 732 228-8092!