Why it’s so important to winterize your yard?

If you haven’t already started to winterize your yard, now is the time! Since mosquitoes can continue to make your yard their home until temperatures are consistently below 50 degrees, they may still be doing so if you aren’t doing everything you can to prevent them from finding a welcoming spot to stay and lay eggs. Haven’t even thought about winterizing your yard yet? Have no fear, your friends at Mosquito Joe of Robbinsville-Jackson are here! We pulled together this list to help you out. Make sure you have everything checked off to ensure your yard is well winterized:

1. Put Away Outdoor Furniture

Probably the most obvious to do, but one of the most important too. Leaving outdoor furniture out through the winter can mean a breeding ground for mosquitoes come the spring. Just think of everything that can collect on it, get turned over, and collect water which, we know mosquitoes love to lay eggs in. Plus, putting away your outdoor furniture for the winter will ensure that it’s well-kept to enjoy next season. And, dusting it off is much an easier spring-time prep than hosing it down and cleaning off the grime from the fall and winter. If you don’t have a place to store your furniture, be sure any tarp or protective covering fits securely and snuggly around so that there’s no opportunity for water to collect-which will attract mosquitoes as soon as the temperatures reach 50 degrees again.

2. Equipment and Tools

Cover up the barbeque with a snug tarp or cover, store the hose in the garage or shed, put flower pots and other empty planters away to ensure they won’t be collecting water once the water melts.

3. Kids Toys

Don’t forget about the kid’s outdoor toys and furniture too—they should be stored in a garage or shed or under a tight tarp if possible. A shovel or dump truck toy can collect plenty of water to be a breeding ground for mosquitoes as soon as the weather allows.

4. Landscape

It’s so important to maintain your lawn and landscaping to ensure it’s not welcoming to mosquitoes. Be sure you do a final cut of your lawn so it’s not too tall and overgrown come spring. Take care of your flowerbeds—turn the mulch and make sure it isn’t too thick as that’s another common trap for standing water, which attracts mosquitoes

5. Gutters

Dirty gutters can result in leaves, sticks and debris collecting stagnant water in your gutters, and stagnant water can result in a breeding ground for mosquitoes. There are many benefits to the rest of your home by keeping your gutters clean too—like preventing leaks and water damage.

6. Final Barrier Spray

The most important thing to do to winterize your yard to prevent mosquitoes in the spring, in our humble opinion, is to schedule a final mosquito barrier spray once temperatures are consistently below 50-degrees. Contact us at  if you have any questions!

There are other obvious things to do to winterize your yard, including pool and in-ground sprinkler maintenance if you have them. Every home and yard is different, but we all want the same thing — an itch-free yard to enjoy in the spring!