2018: The Summer of Pests?

As we get closer to our summer in Robbinsville, New Jersey and we think of the carefree days ahead, there’s one thing that might throw a wrench into our plans. 2018 is shaping up to be the summer of ticks and mosquitoes! Ew.

Due to a very wet winter and spring, pest populations are on the rise. All that excess moisture has created many breeding grounds for mosquitoes and ticks. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water and they only require about an inch. That means there could be mosquito eggs all over your yard, including in tire wells! This March we also had unprecedented warm temperatures for a period of time. Those temperatures are adding to an especially buggy spring. With the warmer temperatures coming in the next few months, the number of mosquitoes and ticks are only going to increase.

With an increase in temperature and bug population, there also comes an increase in illness. Warmer temperatures extend the time that mosquitoes are able to spread diseases. The CDC has reported illnesses from ticks and mosquitoes has tripled from 2004. These illnesses and diseases include Lyme disease, yellow fever, and west nile. Many of these diseases such as Lyme disease go underreported and unreported, so the numbers could be even higher.

As the summer warmth continues, these pests are just going to get more comfortable in your backyard oasis. So how can you win the battle of the pests this summer? Get rid of any standing water in your yard. Clean out gutters and any flower pots that are collecting excess water. And make sure you mow your lawn frequently to cut down on ticks as well.

The best way to stay on top of the pest population this summer is to contact one of our Mosquito Joe of Robbinsville-Jackson professionals today. Give us a call at 732-228-8092 so we can talk to you about our mosquito and tick spraying needs. Or fill out the form to the right to get a free quote! Believe us when we say, this is the way to win back your yard and enjoy your summer!