Just in Time for Spring

After the long, cold winter we’ve had in New Jersey, many of us are anxious to start spending all of our time outside. The time has also come where we can start planning all of our spring parties! The month of May usually brings celebratory events like communions, Mother’s Day and even weddings. With party planning comes a long list of ‘to-do’ items before your house is party ready. This year when planning your spring events, don’t forget to think about taking care of ticks and mosquitoes for your backyard party. We don’t want any uninvited guests crashing your bash!

Many people think that because we haven’t reached the warm temperatures of summer yet, that we don’t have to worry about ticks. This is very much false! April is the start of tick season, and it is when ticks are the most active. The ticks are coming out of hibernation and they are very hungry for their next meal. Avoid being their delicious treat by having your yard sprayed by one of our Mosquito Joe professionals.

Mosquito season only gets worse as the temperatures become warmer. With warm temperatures, a mosquito can move through its life cycle quicker. That means a mosquito can grow up to the breeding stage faster and more frequently. With more breeding mosquitoes comes more eggs, and therefore increases your mosquito problem tenfold. Stay on top of this problem by spraying for mosquitoes as soon as possible.

When your friends are enjoying themselves pest-free at your spring event, consider our Mosquito Joe referral program, Share the MoJo. For each friend that you recommend Mosquito Joe, you can receive a $25 credit! Your friend will also receive a $25 credit towards spraying their yard. Keep those pest-free parties going and you can refer up to 20 friends for a credit of $500!

So, when you’re planning your next spring event, don’t forget to leave off ticks and mosquitoes from your guest list. Call us today at 732-228-8092 to speak to our professionals about a pest-free event!