April is Tick Season

When you think of April, you think of the beginning of spring, the start of warm weather, and finally being able to go outside after the long, cold winter. You might see some of your favorite flowers pushing through the dirt and beginning to bloom. However, you are not the only one enjoying all the wonderful early signs of spring. Ticks are thrilled to start their feeding season as early as possible, and if temperatures are warm enough for flowers, they are certainly warm enough for ticks to come out and start eating.

Many believe that because of our cold and extremely snowy winter, we will not be seeing as many ticks this year. But ticks are not killed by a frost like most insects. The snow can act as an insulator as ticks burrow through into the ground. Due to the fact that the ground temperature is warmer than the air, these ticks can go unharmed. Even though this winter had many of us wanting to retreat somewhere warmer, the ticks (those resilient pests) were able to stick it out.

The most common ticks that we encounter are the Blacklegged Tick, Lone Star Tick, and American Dog Tick. The nymphal stage of ticks are the most active in April, and they are the size of poppy seeds. Often they carry bacteria like Lyme, so beware.

New Jersey has been ranked as the 6th worst state for Lyme disease. In 2016, New Jersey had 3,332 cases of confirmed Lyme disease. In order to keep your loved ones (human and furry!) safe from ticks this season, it is necessary to take steps as early as possible. Ticks love moist areas, so rid your yard of any leaf piles and put down wood chips or mulch instead. Keep outdoor toys dry and empty.  Avoid areas with tall grass which is one of their favorite hiding spots.

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